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How is it done?   Why laminate?   What is Gallery Lamination for?   Who is it for?    How much does it cost? 

Q and A’s -


ANSWER - Looks simple. But, there are

many, many steps involved to create a

Custom Gallery Lamination just for you!

The process takes us about 2 weeks!

Our lamination process provides your print,

photo or document a virtually “invisible” layer

of protection with our Premium Ultra Clear

Smooth Lamination. Our lamination is not

cloudy or hazy. Our lamination is not the shiny

plastic encapsulation you put on school papers.

Our lamination does not have an orange peel

effect. It is not Museum Mounting.

Our lamination is expertly applied to your

document. Our Gallery Lamination is the

perfect solution for displaying and custom

“framing” your document, photos and

treasures without Glass or Plexi.

Details - How is it done?

Select from:                                                                

Matte (Non-Reflective) -  True dead matte non-glare. Smooth finish.                

Satinex - Slight shimmer pops & enhances colors. Slight texture.                    

Canvas Texture - Gives your item canvas appearance. Heavy texture.

Why Laminate?

ANSWER - Because of the advantages of our process offers you over traditional framing.

What’s really important is not just how it looks right when you get it, but how it will look in the years to come. Perhaps

you’ve had this experience - you get your poster framed, spent all this money and in less than a year, it is showing signs

of aging, wrinkling inside the frame under the glass or worse your frame is sagging. Lamination prevents and eliminates

this sort of damage. The lamination applied in our process does not allow air between the surface of your image and the

lamination film. It will look fantastic for years to come.



Glass Free -  No Glass. No Glare.                                         

Non-Glare - Finish is standard on all our styles.                 

Impact Resistant - No Glass. No Breakage.                       

Always looks Clean - Finger print, dirt & dust resistant.       

Easy Care - Window cleaner & soft cloth right on your photo.                                                                                   

High Image Visibility - Enhances your photo. No glass distortion.  


Solid Construction -  Eliminates frame sagging.             

Resistant to Humidity - No Prints sticking to glass.               

High Performance Substrate - Eliminates buckling & bowing.                                                                   

Fortified Dry-Mounting - Prints stay flat. No cockling (wavy prints).                            

Preserves & Protects - Permanent process prevents document fatigue.                                                             

Easy-to-Hang built in hanging system - No complicated picture hooks.


Artisan Edge Colors -  Perfectly complements your print. 

Modern or Traditional look - Décor friendly. Goes in any room.

Fresh & New - Rejuvenates photos that have become old & tired.  

Timeless - Styles change. No décor limiting mouldings.           

Odd Sizes Welcome -  No up-charges for unusual sizes.     

Versatile Process -  Can combine lamination & a frame moulding.     

Variety of Options & Styles -  Allows you to express yourself.     

Frame Anything - Items that you treasure, unusual items that

you would never think about framing.                                           

Value Priced - all these benefits at 30 - 60% less than traditional

custom framing. 

What is Gallery Lamination for?

ANSWER - Most anything paper you would

like to display or preserve. Wall decor and

more! Think outside of the “frame”!

Think about this - what does framing do for


It allows you to take a favorite picture, poster

or whatever and put it up on the wall. Yes, it

will accomplish the meager task of being able

to put your picture on the wall, on the desk...

but there is so much more! Lamination allows

you to “frame” the usual items and the

freedom to use your imagination and frame

things you never thought you could or would.



Family Photos


Sports Items




Cereal Box



Art Prints   

Professional Photos


Trophy Photos      

Greeting Cards         



Heirloom Seed Packets           

Album Jacket                 

Some Fabrics

IDEAS - The usual or unusual items:

Art Reproductions - Aspiring or Professional   

Photos - Old & New                                    


Concert & Show Posters                                

Calendar Pages                                     

Children’s Art                                                      

Novelty Name Drawings                             

Beatles Wall Paper                                            


Wedding Invitations & Announcements 

Business or Personal - News Articles, Magazine Features & Business Write-ups, brand marketing items, display items  

Who uses this?

ANSWER - Anyone with walls and

something that needs to be framed or


Gallery Lamination is for the home, office,

organization, your retail shop or business.

INDIVIDUALS - We can help you with your

individual decorative needs for your home.  

We can help your create thoughtful gifts that

your family and friends will appreciate and


OFFICE - We can help you create: a positive

and motivating office / work environment

unique to your company. Personalized

certificates & awards reflecting your work

place recognizing your employees and

volunteers successes.

Boost your customer confidence. Visually conveying to your customers / clients your company’s mission, branding &

achievements. All this with wall art, awards, news articles, magazine features & business write-ups, brand

marketing and displays personalized to reflect your company’s strengths. 

WHOLESALE SERVICES for SHOPS / BUSINESSES -  Offer our services to your customers. Our Gallery Lamination

Service is a perfect complement to your - gallery, museum / gift shop, photography studio, interior design /

decorators studio, printing house, product reps, etc.. We make it easy. You take the order. We do the work and send

it back to you. We want you to be successful! To help support your sales we have a full set of tools available to you:

training, individualized support, sales samples, displays, brochures, ad templates, etc.. Improve your bottom line!

How much does it cost?

ANSWER - About 30 - 60 % less than traditional custom framing. You choose the style that fits your

budget and likes. You can keep the “framing” as simple or elaborate as your would like. Plus, odd sizes

welcome! No Up-Charges!

Our quality craftsmanship and premium

materials are the same for all our styles. The

style and options you choose determine the

cost. Stylish yet affordable. With all our

benefits standard, your would think our

process would cost more than traditional

Custom Framing. However, our everyday price

is LESS than others “50% off” sales.

You have invested time and money - selecting

your Art. Earning your Degree. Having your

family photo taken. Getting Married. Going on

your vacation. Building your Motorcycle.

Restoring your Car. The list goes on and

on...”frame” your accomplishment so you will

enjoy looking at it and remembering the


As with most things there are different levels

of materials and quality. We offer both in one

product - fantastic materials and competitive


COST COMPARISON -                                                                                                                              

Odd sizes don’t cost more & Spending more does not mean you get more.                                            

Our pricing is made up of size categories and lamination styles.                                                                        

Cost is determined by measuring your document & rounding up - length x width = surface area.                                                 

For instance these sizes cost the same:                                                                                                                 

8” x 10” = 80 square inches (a traditional size)                                                                                                      

7 1/8” x 10 5/8” = 76  square inches (a custom size)                                                                                           

The product you select determines the cost.                                                                                                    

With the exception of adding options you may like, it is as simple as that.