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© Lamination Preservation Gallery established 1995                         Capital District -Albany, Troy, Saratoga, Schenectady, Guilderland NY                                       

Plaque Mounting and Flush-Box Mounting by


             WE MAKE LAMINATED ART 0-N-E at a TIME! 


Need help picking out your Art?

ANSWER - We are happy to help you choose!

Via the Internet or stop on by and we will

personally help you make your Art Print and

Framing selections! 

IN-HOUSE - We carry a GIGANTIC selection of

Poster and Art Print Catalogs! Bring your room

colors, throw pillows, fabric samples or what

ever you like!

ON-LINE - Many of the companies we

represent have On-Line Catalogs.

Image Conscious -

This company has a HUGE variety! What we like about IC is they have unique and tried and true

favorites! Photography, traditional, abstract, trendy, animals. Plus, many prints that IC carries are

exclusive to IC. So you won’t be seeing Art you selected just for your home, in every Boxstore in town.

Some of their prints are also Print On Demand (POD). That means we can have a print made just for you

in the size you want!

Check out the IC catalog at - www.Image

We also have an “Album” of featured IC prints on our Facebook Page!

SOURCES - Let’s Get Started!

Looking for Art can be like looking for wallpaper!                  

You just don’t know where to start!

One of the easiest ways to look is to establish what you      

don’t like! When you see something you do like jot it         

down. We can help you make your selections, order them      

for you and help you choose the framing that is best for


We going to be putting up links to some of our favorite    

On-Line Catalogs! Here is one for now. You can freely

browse them without having to sign-up for anything or

establish an account. 

Ready-to-Hang -                

Inventory we have in stock!

We are working on our On-Line Store.

In the meantime we have several pieces in an

“Album” on Facebook called “Ready-To-Hang”.

Here is the link: 

We ship all over the U.S.A.. So if you see

something you like let us know!