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© Lamination Preservation Gallery established 1995                         Capital District -Albany, Troy, Saratoga, Schenectady, Guilderland NY                                       

ORDERING - For your own Posters, Prints,

Drawings, Photos & Printing you Digital Images.

Anything Paper you would like to “Frame”.

This is not a complicated process.                       

We want to make it as easy as possible!

1 - VISIT - our Gallery or a Gallery that offers our

service so we may help you in person

We would love the opportunity to brainstorm ideas with you in

person. As well,  give you personalized service. We invite you to

stop by our Gallery!

Not in our area & would like help in person? We provide LP Gallery

Lamination Services to Galleries through-out the U.S.A.! Stop by

your neighborhood Gallery. If they do not carry our process we can

set them up with our service!

Need ideas we have catalogs full many, many posters & prints.

Or look on-line from the comfort of your couch! Below are a few

excellent On-Line sources to help you find what you are looking

for. We can order it for you or you may order it yourself.

 2-  MAIL - your photos, posters, drawings etc. that

your would like us to do. We do the work!

You send it. We talk. We send it back to you!

CALL US - if you would like to send it . We will help you select the

right product for you. Let you know your costs & options. We will

e-mail you an order form! It has important information we will

need to make your Gallery Mount Lamination. Fill out the form.

Enclose the form with your items and send them to us.

Remember to pack it well.

Even people that live in our area send their work in. The mail

comes here six days a week or one of the other shipping service

five days a week!

WE USE YOUR ORIGINAL! Need a copy. As long as YOU own the

Copyright, we can scan it & / or make a copies / prints.

3 -  E-MAIL or ON-LINE - We can print photos you  

E-Mail us or select from On-Line posters & prints


E-MAIL - your photo. We print it. Make it into a Lamination.

Remember WE can make a print for you as long as YOU own the


CALL US if you would like to e-mail you photo. We will help you

select the right product for you. Let you know your costs &

options.  We will give you an e-mail address to send us your photo

file. As well, we will e-mail you an order form with important

information we need to know to make your Gallery Mount


ON-LINE - Need help selecting a poster or Art Print. If you would

like to look On-Line here are a few excellent sources you may find

what you are looking for. You order it or we can order it for you.

We make it into a Gallery Mount Lamination for you to hang in

your home or office.

Plaque Mounting and Flush-Box Mounting by


                                         EASY AS 1, 2 or 3